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AmpereSoft MatClass

The tool for easy management, flexible distribution
and process-accelerating use of your product data.

Integrated into the AmpereSoft ToolSystem


Product data in the Industry 4.0 era

Quick and uncomplicated access to required information is a decisive competitive advantage. In the age of Industry 4.0, this factor becomes more and more important because for the reliable implementation of automated digital processes, standardized and detailed described product data is mandatory. For example, robot-controlled manufacturing for the placement of DIN rails with rail-mounted devices and their wiring as well as laser labeling requires answers to the following questions:
- what are the dimensions of the device?
- where are the connections located?
- which cross sections can be used?
- where and how is the assembly done?
- which labeling surfaces are available?
To serve the market with the required amount of product data, component and system manufacturers need a simple and efficient software solution for the (mass) maintenance of this high-value data.

eClss Advanced


Basis for computer-aided engineering and automated production processes

In the interaction between MatClass and ECLASS ADVANCED, the foundation for a fast and economic implementation of the entire electrical engineering process is laid. ECLASS ADVANCED is available in its full complexity in MatClass, including structuring of the features in aspects and blocks including the application of cardinality and polymorphism. This not only enables automatic generation of assembly plan and circuit symbols, but also the transfer of engineering data into an automated mounting process.

Maintain and use product data

MatClass is a tool that enables users to simple manage, flexible distribute and use their product data in a process accelerating manner. With its sophisticated data structure, the solution not only adds value for product providers, but also for the product users. Thus, data for packaging and weight properties can be used for logistics and warehousing, power dissipation characteristics are used for temperature calculation and the preparation of thermal certificates, and product dimensions are crucial for the design planning.
Last but not least, among many other things, MIME data such as product pictures, assembly instructions, verification documents or 3D models, is required in different process steps and is part of a high-quality documentation.
MatClass processes different classification systems like ETIM (widespread application in the electrical wholesale) and ECLASS (Basic/Advanced) in different versions and languages, but also offers the possibility to create own classification systems with all structural elements from ECLASS ADVANCED.
The detailed technical information in the ECLASS ADVANCED structure describes a product so precisely that tasks in the engineering process, such as wiring routing and temperature calculation can be carried out software-supported, automated and traceable.

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Advanced Struktur Bohrautomation

Another advantage

The open API interface for the remote control of MatClass ensures a flexible connection to your internal systems and processes and enables automated processing of your data.
Let recurring processes, such as data reconciliation between different locations, run automatically and regularly to a certain time.
Data from internal systems can be imported into MatClass can be transferred in and out easily.
In data maintenance you can use this function for manipulating your data according to specified rules. This way class assignments and property values can automatically be set and let you create and combine texts and short descriptions on the basis of material property values.

Benefit from the data maintenance with MatClass

MatClass will significantly optimize your data maintenance: The clear presentation of the class structure and the efficient mass maintenance functions, such as transferring, copying, pasting or supplementing of specifically filtered and presorted materials.
Experience shows that the maintenance of product data is carried out by several employees in a company — often from different departments or locations. With MatClass, the database can be in a cloud storage or on company-owned servers so that all persons involved can access one master database for common data processing.
Separate private cloud areas also enable the maintenance of individual product series and the subsequent merging of data. With the authorization concept the editing rights of different user groups on read/write permissions, assortments or areas of the classification structures can be defined and restricted.
Extensive translations of descriptions and designations are considerably simplified by the integrated DeepL translation function.

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Consistency in the process
with the AmpereSoft ToolSystem

MatClass is the tool-wide basis for the effective use of standardized data in the AmpereSoft ToolSystem. Whether in sales, design, purchasing, work preparation, warehousing or production - the material master data are available throughout the process.