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AmpereSoft ToolSystem 2023.1
(contains SP1)

MatClass, ProPlan, Temperature Calculator, ToolDataManager, QuotationAssistant, MatClass Viewer & ProPlan Viewer

Date 2023-03-17
Language deu, eng

File size 1.089 MB 
File type Setup (full), ZIP compressed 
Activation by License file 

A download link for our ProPlan user data is included in this requirement!
AmpereSoft MatClass Viewer & ProPlan Viewer are included in our
ToolSystem and don't need an activation.

AmpereSoft Anwender2

AmpereSoft User data

Our user data includes: symbols and symtabs, forms, modules and sample projects

Version 22.1
Date 2022-12-21
Language eng
File size 835MB 
File type Setup (full), ZIP compressed

Install our user data directly after our ToolSystem, in order to use ProPlan completely.

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