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AmpereSoft ProPlan

The user-friendly, practically oriented CAE system for electrical documentation.

Integrated into the AmpereSoft ToolSystem


Your optimized engineering process

Automated function sequences reduce sustainable your engineering time.
Due to the standardized material data, symbols can be generated quick and easy. The auto-routing function wire up everything and optimizes the wire lengths.
Use the simple and dynamic generation of documents, such as parts lists, terminal overviews, cable and wiring lists.


Easy navigation

The object-oriented operation with manufacturer-specific and neutral material ensures easy navigation in your projects.
Comfortable localization of the used equipment allows fast jumping between the diagrams and lists.

The optimal integration into your
process environment

Standardized interfaces enable the connection to your internal systems, such as ERP and PIM, and enable so automated function extensions.

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AmpereSoft RoutingAssistant - cost-saving for exact wire length calculation

Fully automatic wiring routing, taking barriers and other depth dimensions into account, by determining the x, y and z coordinates.

With the eCl@ss ADVANCED data of the used equipment, you generate the symbols in a twinkling of the eye and easily create the fill assembly plan.

AmpereSoft RoutingAssistant is available as an add-on for your existing AmpereSoft ProPlan license or as a "stand-alone solution" alongside your existing CAE system.

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Consistency in the process
with the AmpereSoft ToolSystem

ProPlan is the pre-tested tool for professional datail engineering. The integration into the ToolSystem allows the smooth transfer of the projects from the configuration and costing as well as the use of the project data for automated production. These include e.g. the autorouting for the cable assembly and the data transfer to drilling machines.

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